How would you act if ‘school years’ are the most valued educational years?

Unfailingly ensure multi-intelligent children who would best the intensely sci-tech, globalised, and AI world!

For, A(G)I is unlikely to race past 3 to 5 years old, in this century; adept multi-intelligent children in that age are unbeatable ‘learning machines’.
Pertinently, ‘School years’ have just one goal – retain every intelligence, and hone to contemporise for the world of the initial adulthood years.

Howard Gardner’s 9 Intelligences Model

The intelligences every human is born with

These start to manifest from the age of 3 years

K-12 School System is why AI is being seen as a threat!

Long story short, the school education system, in its manifested essence, buries the multi-intelligent character of all students; exceptions are wholly (good) parenting reward.

Evaluate for yourself as to what is left of the Gardner’s ‘9 intelligences’ in children, at the end of schooling. For evidence, recall,

  • The overwhelming majority of students struggle in mathematics, tuition to ‘stay afloat’
  • Both critical and creative writing remains greatly subpar, reading skills are rudimentary
  • Cultural intelligences - art, dance, music, theatre, games, ‘philosophy’, nature, etc. – get short shrifted
  • The expanse of career possibilities shrink by the year, diversity dramatically drops
  • Schools are run by rules, bullies; they are not the islands of ideal society we presume

The ‘missing intelligences’ education
Society and the education system is sculpting quite ‘sub-intelligent’ adults. No wonder, AI already reads, writes, and (mathematically) thinks better a big majority of humankind!

Getting mathematics right is just the beginning
Worse, it is a double whammy – while EVERY child (and adult) must master mathematics and science, the uniquely human cultural intelligences need renaissance-kind reforms.

Like always, back to the roots is the way forward
Fortunately, quality of parenting, mostly irrespective of parental socio-economic and educational background, has nearly three-fourths of the influence on educational outcomes. Commitment is all that matters.

The Family College is singularly missioned to academically empower parents like never before, to ensure parents reap best academic outcomes from committed parenting.

'The Family College – A Multi-Intelligent Learning

The AI-age educational imperative is unmistakable – ‘same-outcome’ academic achievement for all children (conversationalise academics), and ‘inverted timetables’ in schools (grant cultural intelligences two-thirds ‘formal education’ space).

The Family College is just that – Secure world-class mathematics and writing (by default reading too) achievement, and then power independent, ‘community learning’ of science and social science. Offer 100% re-invented curricular reading resources.

Writing (and reading)
Competitiveness over AI

Ingrain highest neural routine and rigour of writing that assertively humanises AI-generated expressions.

Parents as
academic peers

‘Family edition’ curricular books for all subjects that bring back parents (and community) in the lives of children.
End to all tuition, etc.

A win-win for
Informal & Formal

Secure the eternal truth – nurturing ‘thickly cultured adult’ is the prime educational goal, and this is well supported by schools.

The founder

Sandeep may be the world’s most impactful educator. For relevant evidence, in one of its kind home-schooling he, with his wife, taught their only child till Grade XII (CIE A level, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English and Economics). In what’s definitely world’s first, all Mathematics, Science, Social science/EVS ‘text books’ from Pre-school to Grade X are written by him and his wife. In another path-breaking innovation, he conceived and now nurtures world’s first next-gen schools – schools run by (highly educated) parents for their own children.His latest creation is ‘Globalmathmission’ which aims to create ‘7 billion mathematics lovers by 2030’. It is the most ambitious developmental initiative in the history of humanity - to reach and influence every living person.For the record, he’s educated at the best engineering and management institutions at home and abroad, and worked with global corporations within and outside India. He is also the founder of IYC World, a company which provides ERP solutions to many prestigious schools in India and the Middle- East like DPS Dubai, DPS Sharjah etc.

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